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Yanjing beer's dilemma: the marke...
  • Posted on 2019-03-18
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Yanjing beer's dilemma: the market shrinking performance, sales have been lower

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2018 In order to expand production, we have also put together, the Italian customer 1000L fermenter arrived.

Welcome to Italy, Today, Italy isconsidered to be one of the world's most culturally and economically advancedcountries, with the sixth-largest worldwide national wealth. Its advancedeconomy ranks eighth-largest in the world and third in the Eurozone by nominalGDP. Italy owns the third-largest central bank gold reserve. It has a very highlevel of human development, and it stands among the top coun...

Greek 1500L Beer Brewing System brewery equipment

DEGONGreceived news from customers outside 10,000 KM. Last year, Greek customerspurchased DEGONG's 1500L brewing system. Today, some pictures of equipment usedby customers sent to DEGONG are the most evaluated by customers, a good set ofproducts. Greece1500L brewing system, in 2016, has been following DEGONG in more details, fromthe equipment configuration to every detail of the equipment, cu...

Installation of Swedish 3000L Beer Brewing System

Sweden is a Nordic country located on the Scandinavian peninsula of northern Europe. Sweden has land borders i n the west with Norway, in the north -east with Finland and adjacent territorial waters to Norway in the north -west, Denmark i n the south -west and Finland i n the east. It has coasts to the Gulf of Bottenviken, the Bottom Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Faroe Islands, the Katt...

1000L beer brewing system is being installed in Italy

Tremble!! We’re coming. Family Brewery is almost ready!!! Stay tuned.. the family’s brewery is up to like!! beer brand degong beer equipment.When the production of a beer equipment is officially completed, the life of the beer brewing equipment is just beginning, and it makes people more yearning for beer brewing, let us make ugkf with him. Beer in Italy ,beer in the world, beer in degong. ...

Brewpub layout solution for craft beer brewing equipment in UK

There are many customers ask how toproperly placement equipment when they are purchasing craft beerequipment,especially for the area of the site.Our engineer have statistics onthe layout of the craft beer equipment,which will be divided into “BrewpubTraditional Craft Beer Equipment Layout””Slim-type Brewpub Craft Beer EquipmentLayout””Factory-type Craft Beer Equipment Layout” to analyze. A respon...

2000L brewhouse and kitchen latin america

3-Vessel BrewhouseDEGONG 3-Vessel Brewhouses are designed to deliver best-in-class brewing quality, efficiency, yield and simplicity for today’s rapidly growing craft breweries. DEGONG standard 3-Vessel brewhouse design consists of an individual Mash Tun and Lauter Tun with an integrated Brew Kettle & Whirlpool. Utilizing DEGONG best-in-class automation & controls to maximize efficiency and ver...