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Installation of Swedish 3000L Beer Brewing System

Sweden is a Nordic country located on the Scandinavian peninsula of northern Europe. Sweden has land borders i n the west with Norway, in the north -east with Finland and adjacent territorial waters to Norway in the north -west, Denmark i n the south -west and Finland i n the east. It has coasts to the Gulf of Bottenviken, the Bottom Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Faroe Islands, the Kattegat and the Skagerrak.

Sweden has a population of ten,2 million inhabitants  and is the geographically fifth largest country in Europe with an area of 447 435 km.

It is such a beautiful country, people love beer, more people live comfortably, go to the bar at night to drink a craft beer, has become a daily interest, let's take a look at DEGONG's 3000L brewing system for Swedish customers.

3000L 3-vessel brewhouse

Material: SUS304

Mash tun & kettle tank & lauter tun & whirlpool tun are any combination;dimple jacket or dribbling for heat exchanger, rock wool insulation,TH=100mm,upper stirring or bottom stirring,lauter plate:milling,side or bottom vinasse discharging

Hot liquid tank for the brewery equipment;

Plate heat exchanger: cooling form,capacity and piping meet requirements;

Oxygenation system:oxygenation form, capacity and interface form meet requirement;

Yeast adding tank depends on the brewhouse;

Stainless steel working platform for 3000L brewhouse system ;

Accessories:wort pump, wort tester, hop adding device,hop filter device, saccharimeter,worst rake,CIP system etc

Looking at the quality brewing equipment from the corner of the fermenter makes us see the history of beer.

Looking at the quality brewing equipment from the corner of the fermenter makes us see the history of beer.

3000L beer brewing equipment and 3000L fermentation tanks

Beer CIP mobile pump can be better and more convenient to clean the finished fermentation system.

Brewed beer is ready to be filled into oak barrels, which can give beer a special taste.

3000L fermentation system can get mature beer every day. Mature beer brings more customers to customers.

Ethylene glycol makes beer cooler, better beer brewing system, high quality beer fermenter system, only for you to brew a good beer.

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