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Greek 1500L Beer Brewing System brewery equipment

DEGONG received news from customers outside 10,000 KM. Last year, Greek customers purchased DEGONG's 1500L brewing system. Today, some pictures of equipment used by customers sent to DEGONG are the most evaluated by customers, a good set of products.

Greece 1500L brewing system, in 2016, has been following DEGONG in more details, from the equipment configuration to every detail of the equipment, customers have been through a variety of analysis, and ultimately chose the 1500L brewing system, customer attitude is economic, practical and efficient. Let's take a look at the wonderful photos sent back by our customers.

Once again, thank customers for their recognition and trust in DEGONG.

Customers say that products that are too complex are not as practical as a simple set of equipment.Using simple brewing equipment will produce better beer. I agree with him. After all, a customer has a point of view.

Customers then asked for a very large malt warehouse, a very powerful malt elevator, really very powerful, this is my beer brewing equipment since the sale of the same equipment with the largest small configuration of a product.

Powerful lifting motor on the brewhouse

A giant malt storage tank standing in a fermentation system

12* 1500L fermenters and 6*1500L beer bright tanks

Filler in the corner of the fermenter, waiting for mature beer

Mature beer is being filled, and his next mission will be to enter every beer-loving family to add color to every beer-loving person.

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